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To be an elf in Denise's cleavage would be a wonderful Xmas gift, for sure! So what can be done to make the fun continues all year long...

Reading the title, I was sure the following will have something to do with the talented artist :iconmbirdcz: Beyond that you've hit the nail on the...

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Kitten Flap
Hi there all my friends and guests,

I hope that you are all having a very good New Year Eve and that those who have already fallen over in this New Year - thanks to the time difference - have found it, enchanted like the one thousand wishes and more, such as all the team of Our Funny Rabbit can wish them, to you.
I hope that you also had a good Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas for those who celebrated.
For my part, I have had a revelation: as I have never had a fireplace, I have never believed in Santa Claus: I always supposed that it was about a Miss Santa who was coming into the house by the cat flap to put the presents under the tree. This case was confirmed by a small mouse, the Tooth Fairy, when I lost my first tooth. But I never saw this gal.
This year, of complicity with Our Funny Rabbit, we had thus decided to set a photographic trap to that babe. And here she is!
Except that she disappeared so fast as she appeared.
So be sure all my friends and guests, please, like me, do not believe, that next year, Xmas stockings will be the only things which will be stuffed...

While waiting for this "affair", Happy New Year to all of you who feel like celebrating New Year's Eve.
See you ASAP and take care.
Thank you all for your comments, faves and rates.


P.S.: Of course, if you are a babe and/or a sexy naughty Santa's Lil Kitty Helper and if you don't want to be shot'n flashed and then caught by Our Funny Rabbit (who reacts as a rattlesnake to the sight of a delicious prey, with his bell between his legs), do not z⊙⊙m!
Bastet Wax - The Cigars of the Pharaoh

=P (Razz) Hi there, all my friends and guests,

I hope you all had great summer holidays and then, a perfect back to school.

For my part, I return from beyond the grave, where I was looking for the recollections of past, visiting caves, looking for the original streamings which change into stalactites, into stalagmites from yesteryear, then in an underground river that finally springs out there as waterfalls here and there, in the present time.

Well, visiting ancient places pushed my imagination into another one: an ancient tomb, full of souls and symbols and, as I was involved to make 3D "Topiary Art"(1)  in my last realizations, about the hair body language, that is what went out of my mind.

So, here a kind of tribute to the beautiful Bastet, the goddess, the best wonderful little kitten between the kitties, who woke up with a tiny print in a claw-like pattern, like a pussycat's, between her legs. Hey...

We all know that pyramids were built by the extraterrestrials (led by the hand of the Big Mickey, master of the Whack-a-Mole) and the thing we have to remember is that they were cats. Except Our Funny Rabbit, there is no better entity than cats, to found a dynasty. Please, just think about it, a little: nine lives... And in another way, who cares who built pyramids and why? Extraterrestrials, giants, men, cats, rabbits, I don't care, except that it leaves me speechless: so Touthankhamon, perceiving the new regalia of the contemporary goddesses... :o (Eek) =P (Razz) 

From now on and like in the comics series, «The Adventures of Tintin - Cigars of the Pharaoh», our sexy goddess is going to have to investigate, to know who sculpted her, this print.

Ok, my dear friends and guests, here is my third - hairy - attempt for those who are so dynamic and who like it cat style: a lot like doggy style, but with scratching and biting...

As Our Funny Rabbit is always interested in "Topiary Art" and it seems to work as well (as Blender is now working as well), other sensual topiaries have to come.

Have a good week, all, and take care.
Thank you for your comments, faves and rates.

See you soon.


(1) Since :iconcuria-dd: Teacher opened a class right down there:…
P.S. 1: Under the overall supervision of KristinBot :iconkristinf:the stunning beautiful nurse+ who also checks the wax standards, no animal were harmed and no human being too, about hair, fur and else...…
P.S. 2: Please do not zOOm if you don't want to end your life into a sarcophagus.
Heart Wax
Hi there, all my friends and guests,

I hope you all had a great week end and that most of you are on summer holidays. For those who are not, feel free to fire your boss (or your clients)...
Well as there is no Internet at home since I have to change my provider (as the previous one was thinking my bank account was his own), I'm taking some free time to make "Topiary Art" like it was necessary to model some, for Wonder Woman on the last previous pic, while waiting for the new "Box" to come.
So here is a kind of tribute to the amazing Kristin Bot, the stunning beautiful nurse+ who is used to lending her character to some of my stories when we need someone who is mastering all the ways where bodies are involved, even the hair body language.
Then, here is my second - hairy - attempt for those who are so greedy that they do not resist to take a bite or to suck some sweet heart (I mean the lollipop, of course).
As Our Funny Rabbit nailed it in 3D and it seems to work as well (even if the new Blender has got a bug with Nvidia), many sensual topiaries have to come.

Have a good week, all and take care.
Thank you for your comment, faves and rates.
See you soon.


The first hairy attempt is right down there:…
The devil is in the details
Hi there all my friends and guests,

I hope you are all fine and everything is ok as the holidays are still to come.
Well, thanks to a friend of mine who needed to have a 3D view of the decor and design for his new bathroom remake, I finally regained control of Blender & Poser.
It was a while back, isn't it?

Beyond this project and among so many other ideas, I had in mind another one which was lying there since the beginning of the month and which born, having caught a glimpse of a debate about the newest incarnation of DC Comics’, girl-power superheroine, which said: "Wonder Woman has no armpit hair."
WTF, people can start and prepare a PhD research about a moment that lasts all of a millisecond in a movie?! Don't they have a life?
Then, it started something like this: “It’s really hard to believe that Wonder Woman, who has been on an island filled with strong women her entire life, is worried about waxing and then bleaching her pits, that is a time-consuming process and she’s a little too busy training ‘10 times harder’ with the Amazons so that she can, you know, save the world.”

Hey dude, that babe isn't real, so who cares if she owns a razor or not? You?
And we shall not speak that Amazons had only one boob according to the legend, that the imaginary super-heroes and super-heroine always have bodies far away from physical standards and the worst, they are always used to wearing their superhero leotards under their pants, just in case, as you dude: you are used to having a tongue hidden in your mouth to be the hero of the abstract Internet.

But let us be not allowed distract by the inevitable: as soon as it is about hair, Our Funny and Fetishist Rabbit is always lying in wait, especially since he studied Vitruvian Art under the aegis of our teacher, in all and all: :iconcuria-dd:
So here he is - accompanied by his two sexy assistants - who comes just at the right time, on a knife-edge.
At the right time because, happy coincidence, Denise just opened a poll that asks, among 10 questions: "Would you like to see:
- Canon stories with Curia as Wonder Woman,
- No more Curia stories - I only want to see stories about Denise,
- Stories with Curia, but not as Wonder Woman, as just another Amazon warrior,
- Something else (leave a comment for whatever you vote!)

- And more...…

So Our Funny Rabbit, the very known pussy barber and womanizer, can answer "Something Else" as his sharp intervention is a crossover (different aliases and characters usually playing in their own series, in a scene).
What means, lucky that you are, two for the price of one and, icing on the cake, no debate to start because one of her is closely waxed and the other one, bushy but cut carefully: one could even say "Wonderfully".

Well, see you ASAP my friends and do not lose sight of the Confucian proverb: "When you do something, knows that you will have against you, those who would want to make the same thing, those who wanted the opposite, and the immense majority of those who wanted to make nothing."
From now on, please add the internet trolls.

Take care.


P.S. Hey dude: as the devil is in the details, if you'll find something there, that can sparks "the" feminist debate, please, come to the blackboard, I've got something for you. Of what to fill all the loopholes...


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